We run two datacenters in Milan Caldera that cover 700 square meters and are located in the very center of the Italian Internet.

Our services


Bring your servers to our datacenter: security 24/7, migration support, backup, space scalability and multichannel customer care.


Rent virtual servers on enterprise platform. Host infrastructure and applications with more flexibility and efficiency and less costs.


Rent a server in our datacenter: secure environment, 24/7 security services, hardware maintenance, multichannel customer care.

Backup & DR

Securely store all your critical data offsite, apply your DR policies with multi-site replication.


  • Directly connected to Enter Network
  • Redundant UPSs and air conditioning systems
  • Automatic fire detection and extinguishes system
  • High density area for blade centers
  • Green architecture
  • Service continuity, 24/7 monitoring
  • Physical and logical security

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