Who We Are

Network Provider since 1996, Cloud Provider since 2012 and Ecosystem since 2013: learn more about our story.

Enter is part of IRIDEOS.

We are an Internet Service Provider since 1996.

In 2012 we created Enter Cloud Suite, the first European cloud platform based on OpenStack, built for companies and developers from all over the world, enabled to provide cloud services to the EU.

Since we chose OpenStack as our software platform for cloud computing, we learned that connecting people to each other is the best way to generate ideas, build meaningful projects, create value.
In 2013 we started sharing our main office and created Login, the largest tech coworking space in Milan.
In 2014 we invested in WeMake, the makerspace dedicated to 3D printing, Arduino and wearable technologies and in Produzioni dal Basso, the first Italian crowdfunding platform.
Later we joined the Open Compute project and we designed our open idea of a new, sustainable datacenter.

Today our company is an ecosystem of basic infrastructure services – network, datacenter, cloud, workspaces, energy, logistics, educational resources and production systems – that we serve to people to build stuff together and change things.

This means that changing things is up to you.
To you inventors, makers, artists, pioneers, entrepreneurs and companies that lead innovation. You are part of the revolution. You look at the world with new eyes and this is how you’re changing it.
So keep on working. Don’t give up.
Change things.