Network Services

We bring the Internet to companies in Europe, North America and APAC since 1996.


International network

We are present in the main European POPs and connect Europe, the US and the Far East.




Offer a high quality range of Ethernet services to meet all WAN requirements. Deliver ranges from 2Mbps to 10Gbps on copper or fiber.


MPLS and IPSec VPNs deliver an efficient and scalable way of connecting sites in multiple locations to provide a single, managed WAN solution.

Internet access

Flexibility and scalability that will meet the needs for business. Our IP backbone is connected to the biggest IXs in Europe for a high quality IPv4/IPv6 services.

Dark fiber

Dark Fiber is designed to put a customer in full control of their network. Our footprint covers main italian cities: Milan, Turin, Genoa and Bologna.

Internet for business

We are the strategic partner that can provide the most suitable infrastructure for your business.


Owned network

We spread our services in ULL (Unbundling Local Loop) to the company's offices and in the homes of our customers with our network: copper, optical fiber and radio links are property of Enter.

Traditional network

Our web services are provided in Bitstream mode. We rely on the physical infrastructure of other national mobile operators.


We offer router services, VPN (Virtual Private Network), MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) and Antispam with enterprise-class performance.


We own two datacenters in Milan Caldera, the leading Italian technology campus.
Our IDC provides the best technologies for energy efficiency, resilience and security 24/7.


Bring your servers to our datacenter: security 24/7, migration support, backup, space scalability and multichannel customer care.


Rent a server in our datacenter: secure environment, 24/7 security services, hardware maintenance, multichannel customer care.


Rent virtual servers on enterprise platform. Host infrastructure and applications with more flexibility and efficiency and less costs.

Backup & DR

Securely store all your critical data offsite, apply your DR policies with multi-site replication.

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